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My 'ALL POINTS' Checklist

A home that shows better= MOST MONEY! FASTEST SALE! NO SURPRISES!


  • Paint/or clean walls; repair moldings; patch damage walls and paint.
  • Clean and wax floors; vacuum tile/wood flooring and shampoo carpets.
  • Furniture waxes and dusted; drapery cleaned.
  • Remove and store unnecessary objects to 'expand" room size and add spaciousness.
  • Repair broken light switches and replace any burned out bulbs; clean light globes or similar type light fixtures.
  • For wider appearing halls and stairs, remove any clutter; check hall runners and carpeting on stairs to insure it is tacked down; railing should be secure.
  • Refrigerator, stove, sink,counters should be spotless and cutter removed.
  • Tidy-up closets; remove & store unnecessary seasonal clothing .
  • Insure all clothing are put away and any children toys orderly (as best possible).
  • Bathrooms should be fresh, tidy, and clean.  Remove any deposits and repair any broken putty around tub/shower.
  • Repair leaky faucets and toilets; ckeck all plumbing.
  • Tighten all door knobs and faucets; oil hinges; all drawers and sliding doors on tracks; door bell functioning.
  • Heating/cooling unit; clean exterior; repair if required; thermostat set to pleasant temperature. for showings.
  • Garage orderly; door opener functional; unpleasant odors eliminated.
  • Secure jewelry and other portable items.


  • Full paint or touch up; repair/or clean windows, screens; front and back doors.
  • Repair and/or clean railings, steps, gutters, garage exterior.
  • Cut grass, trim hedges; edge sidewalks, weed gardens; eliminate clutter from view (toys, garden tools, etc.)
  • Swimming pool/jacuzzi cleaned and operational.

Helpful Hints for the Most Money, Fastest Sale and No Surprises!

Some people are afraid or allergic to pets.  So, have all pets attended to/put in kennel or leave with a friend if possible. If you are at home when a showing take place, remove all pets before showing.

Unpleasant odors can lose a sale.  Some suggestions:
1) Fresh-baked bread!
2) Sprinkle cinnamon over the open burners just before showing!
3)  Use air fresher.

  • Close your drapes/blinds at night and open them during the day.
  • A well lit house shows better. So for the entire showing leave all lights on.
  • Soft background music is a nice, smoothing touch.
  • Buyers feel more relaxed when looking at a home without the owners present/if you remain in the home do not offer advice/or follow buyers from room to room, let the REALTOR do the showing.  Only answer specific questions and inform REALTOR to discuss any concern with your REALTOR.